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California DMV Approved Traffic School
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Placer County Traffic School

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Placer County Traffic School

Have a ticket in Placer County? If you've received a traffic ticket in Placer County, don't panic - here's what you need to do

  1. Make sure you take care of the ticket within the given time frame or else face additional penalties
  2. Pay the ticket online or by mail - be sure to have your citation number handy
  3. If you're unable to pay the full amount, ask for a payment plan
  4. Courts in California allow for traffic school, which can help reduce your points and insurance rate.

Once you have paid your fees to the court, has a certified course you can complete today to mask those points from your DMV record. We have been approved by the California DMV to administrate traffic violators school.


Registration with us is easy. Click on register and then select the county and jurisdiction you got the ticket in. Click register below. The next page is a description of the course. Click continue and fill in your registration information.


Once you are registered the course is made of reading material with images, illustrations, and video to help understand the informaiton. At the end of each section are 2 to 3 quesitons. What makes are course so easy is that those quesitons are similar to what is on final. Once you complete all the section is the final exam, which you are guaranteed to pass as you just passed all the same quesitons in the quizzes.


Once you completed the course we will send your certificate to the DMV for you. The course is really that easy. Start now and finish today.


Take our Start Now Pay Later option with our traffic school and see for yourself how easy our course really is. You only need to pay before taking the final.

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