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Essential Tips to Avoid a Traffic Violation

Essential Tips to Avoid a Traffic Violation

Whether you have had one traffic violation already and avoiding another ticket or wanting to prevent a ticket all together, there are simple actions you can take to accomplish that!
The best way obviously to avoid a speeding ticket is to not speed and avoid neglecting all other traffic laws to avoid moving and non-moving violations.  Also, pay careful attention to speed limits and drive responsibly without distractions.

Well, that sounds easy right!  Okay so maybe not so much.  We have all had those moments where we had a lead foot, listened to the radio too loud, or have had screaming kids in the back seat.  That list of distractions goes on and on!  While we thought we were being cautious drivers, that one mistake can lead to breaking a traffic law.   Before even realizing a traffic law was violated, that awful feeling of seeing a cop car’s lights beaming in our rear view mirror becomes a harsh reality.  Followed by an expensive fine and/or court experience, high anxiety and possibly higher insurance rates and points on your driving record.
So now that we’ve talked about what a drag it is to get busted breaking a traffic violation, let’s talk about some things to avoid getting a ticket all together!
The best tips to avoid traffic tickets is to avoid getting noticed while you're on the road. To avoid notice, you can:
•    Make sure that if your windows are tinted, the darkness of the tint is within the law.
•    Avoid flashing your headlights at drivers that are driving more slowly than you unless you're sure that you're driving within the speed limit.
•    Only drive in the left lane when passing slower vehicles. Some states even prohibit driving in the left lane except for when passing other cars.
•    Avoid additions to your car that may bring attention, such as extra large spoilers, oversized wheels, and lighted under-carriages.
•    Avoid bumper stickers, unless you're sure they aren't offensive. Even a simple bumper sticker that supports your favorite sports team may offend an officer.
•    Be careful when using radar detectors because a police officer may be more inclined to give you a ticket instead of a warning if he or she pulls you over. In fact, some states prohibit the use of radar detectors.
•    If you personalize your license plate, make sure it won't be offensive or draw unwanted attention, such as a license plate that says "SPD DMN" (speed demon).
•    Keep a clean, good looking car. If your car looks shabby, an officer may be more inclined to keep a closer eye on you and issue a ticket. You should also make sure your registration tags are always current.
•    Make sure to repair cracked windows and replace bald tires, as these can often be the basis for a ticket.

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