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How to Get an Extension for Traffic School

The Process to Get an Extension for California Traffic School

Is it your last day for a traffic school deadline? Well, there is good news if you haven't requested an extension. You can finish your traffic violation school on the day of your deadline up until 11:59PM! If you cut it too close here is some advice on how to get an extension.

It is important to know that requesting an extension depends on the county where you received your ticket. Some extensions require an in-person visit, while others can be done online, by phone or mail. IF your court approves an extension, you may have more time to pay your traffic ticket fine or more time to complete traffic school.

One thing to consider is that you must plead guilty to your traffic ticket and you must request an extension before your due date! Otherwise, your request may be rejected by the court.

Usually when you receive a traffic ticket, you will normally have about a month from the date you receive your ticket until your court date listed on your citation. If you know you are guilty and want to get the ticket resolved you don’t have to wait that long to pay your ticket or attend traffic school.

For the most part, the majority of offenders follow this route. Plead guilty, pay the ticket fee, administrative fee, and go to traffic school instead of fighting the ticket. Usually the time it would take to fight a ticket doesn’t make sense especially if the ticket was legitimate for breaking a traffic law. If you want to get the experience over as fast as possible you can register today at and complete your traffic school today!

To find your exact due date you will want to double check your court notice, contact the courthouse clerk, or view it online through your county website if available.

Many California Superior Courts Traffic Divisions grant extensions to traffic school. Some counties may grant a one 30-day extension to complete California traffic school if requested PRIOR to the original school due date.

Other counties such as The Los Angeles Superior Court Traffic Division and Marin Superior Court Traffic Division offer a 30-day extension to California traffic school, with an online request system. In the Riverside Superior Court Traffic Division, they may offer two 30-day extensions or one 60-day extension from the appearance date on your ticket

These are just a couple of examples of counties that MAY approve an extension upon request, but your best bet is to call your county traffic division to ensure you have your bases covered. Because the last thing you want is to not get an extension and miss your deadline.

So can you get an extension for California Traffic School or not?

Again as stated above, that completely depends on your county of your traffic violation! Only the California court in which you got your citation can grant an extension to traffic school. If your deadline is approaching contact your court to avoid missing your deadline and avoid additional fees.

If you find yourself the day of your deadline asking for an extension, your best bet is to finish traffic school today. Sign up at Cheap and Speedy Traffic School and finish the same day as your deadline. We understand life gets busy and you forget about your California Traffic Violation, but we are here to help!

Ignoring a traffic ticket will always be more of a headache because it will negatively affect your your driving record and accumulate additional fines and penalties. If paying the fine is an issue, contact your court and they may be able to help accommodate a financial hardship. An extension could help you avoid additional penalties. Failing to pay your ticket on time, without an extension approved by the court, could result in license suspension and inability to renew your registration.

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